Woodstock, Illinois – Come & Enjoy The Small Town Retreat

If you are looking for a getaway spot, look no further as Woodstock is the ideal spot to enjoy the small town retreat. The city is filled with great experiences for you and your family as well. It is best suited for lone travelers too. Woodstock is known for its hospitality, and one can enjoy the original feel of this place. Whether you are looking for adventure, an outdoor getaway or a leisurely break, there is something Woodstock offers for everyone. One can quickly reach this place either by train or car. There are several unique shops, arts venues, and restaurants one can explore.

Woodstock Square Historic District

It is an area that offers original shopping, entertainment, and dining experiences. It is also home to many bookstores, antique stores, and a series of restaurants like Papa G’s and other events such as the Art Walk. There is no denying that Woodstock Square is one of the top attractions and is known for its movie appearances, Groundhog Day and so on. The most surprising part is that Woodstock Square offers a homely feeling even when you are on holiday.

Colonial Antique Mall

This mall is a real gem especially for those looking for something unique. The mall offers antiques which are more than three centuries old and originated across the globe. This is the place I spend maximum time while in Woodstock as I love shopping for antique items.

Woodstock Golf and Games

This area is an ultimate place to enjoy some great fun with family or friends. There are several activities to keep visitors entertained throughout. Some of the facilities include five batting cages, 18 holes mini golf, carnival games arcade, and go-carts with lit tracks. Woodstock Golf & Games offer endless fun and activities at an affordable cost. It is quite economical and keeps you engaged in many recreation activities too.