Oaxaca – A Resort Town amidst the Sierra Madre

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Oaxaca is a city I planned to visit in Mexico since it is a colonial city listed as one of the preserved sites under UNESCO. The picturesque town in the valley of the Sierra Madre Mountains makes it an idyllic getaway for most. I enjoyed a weekend here and enjoyed exploring the period architecture here as well as handicrafts in local marketplaces and cuisine at local eateries.

Places to Stop by

Among the numerous places to stop by, I started by the Zocalo. It is a square by the heart of the town and has restaurants, cafes as well as Palacio de Gobierno that is a building of heritage worth seeing. I also found the cathedral of Oaxaca here as I spent time walking around and watching the locals.

I also discovered that the city is home to several churches; I found Santo Domingo to be most exquisite with baroque interiors while Rosary Chapel is impressive as well. The convent includes a museum that includes the tomb of Monte Alban which is a definite highlight. The convent has an orchard area called Oaxaca’s Ethnobotanical Garden. 

I took some tours that were just outside the city such as a visit to Monte Alban, an archaeological site which is about 20 minutes’ drive from the city. Here I learned much about the Zapotec civilization. 

A day trip to Hierve el Agua is also a good idea. This takes you to a waterfall by spectacular landscapes and amidst rustic surroundings. 

Markets to Explore

The marketplaces here are ideal to get hold of local souvenirs as well as to check out popular food items and local people. I stopped by the Benito Juarez marketplace as well as the bustling Central de Abastos where the sights, sounds and local flavors you gather are wonderful. There are day specific markets as well which you can find out as per the days you are there.