Le Havre: It Is The Cultural Trip You Need To Take On France

Although the name La Havre resembles something of a typical French City, as soon as you step down in La Havre, you will definitely feel not. The city has suffered quite a lot from its change during the World – war and this is why it differs from the other cities in the styles of architecture, the way the streets are planned and the general environment. The city has been awarded a special status from the UNESCO and is the standing example, that to gain recognition, you do not need to have swanky buildings. The port in the city is one of the busiest and most productive in the country and has been in operation of the 16th century. Let us have a look at some of the tourist attractions around the city.

  • The St. Joseph Church

This is unlike any typical church in the country and one can get to know this after sighting the 107 – meter long tower that imposes itself on the city. The church also acts as an important navigation and identification aid for ships at night. Inside the church, you will find intricate designs and the architecture represents the changes the city went past the war. Also, from the church, you can catch the views of the entire city.

  • The Port

You might not find this very appealing at the first sight, but when you read through the significance and the style in which the port operates, we are sure you will get the gush of interest which we got. This is also one of the world’s largest shipping ports, and to move around it, you will need a dedicated local map. It houses some of the biggest ships in the world and a nearby museum has collections of art that related to shipping and the port specifically.