La – Rochelle: This Coastal City Is Out Of The World

If you are the lover of the sea and the sun, then La Rochelle is the place you want to be. This has the typical nature of that of the port town and has been one of the most important trading points for France. The coast lies across the Atlantic Ocean and no matter where you land in the city, a simple walk through the streets will take you to the Middle Ages and slowly you will absorb the culture of France in each thing you see that belongs to the city. This city just does not involve touring cathedrals and museums, if you are looking for some outdoor fun like hiking, biking and using the yachts, and then there are plenty of facilities in this city, that can do the same.

Let us look at some of the best places to visit in this city

  • The Old Town

The Old Town or better known in French as Vielle Ville is a street that contains many hotels, houses, and monuments that have been standing there from the 15th and 16th century, that is, from the Renaissance Era. A stroll through this street, you will catch the best examples of architecture that was a characteristic of this era, and also many shops that sell eateries and local crafts.

  • La Rochelle Aquarium

What can complete visiting a Port city without catching the sight of the fishes? One of the biggest aquariums in the country, this one houses more than 11,000 species of fishes that belong and not in the coastal town. One can make use of the audio guide that is available at the entrance to understanding more about the fishes as they pass through it.

It is recommended that one stays for at least four days if they want to go through all what the city has to offer.