Chone: This Speaks The Culture Of Ecuador

Located in the Manabi province in the country of Ecuador, this town is known by various names, most of them longer than I could ever pronounce. It established in the starting days of colonization and is situated in Ecuador’s coastal region. Also called the garden men and women who are beautiful, I was told that Chone, the most extensive country and that it ranks third in its population in the Manabi province. It is more of an agricultural city, that it is called center for the transportation. Most of the men and women working here deal with agriculture, trade or livestock. But it has a beautiful landscape and rivers surrounding it and it is a hospitable city, welcoming tourists with its positive energy.

The Chone River is one of the highlights of this place. I also visited the Cerro Guayas where I witnessed a statue of Christ and the October celebrations. For adrenaline junkies, this place offers adventure sports like trekking and hiking over its mountains. Chone Ecuador offers archeological tourism sites at La Dibujada where the remains of the tribes Chunos and Nauzas were discovered recently. I came across some extensions of the main Universities like the Catholic University and the ULEAM.

There are beaches and fishing villages along the coast of Manabi where you can let some steam off. Its beautiful landscape will leave you awe-struck. The potential of Chone’s tourism is in its simplicity and the rural background, apart from the mountains and the beaches. One of the things you should definitely not miss out on when you’re in Chone is their special fish, popularly called ‘chame’. It is nothing but the Pacific fat sleeper, but it is a delicacy here, usually served with steamed rice, plantain, and a salad.