Are You A Mountain Person? Woodstock Is Calling

They were right when they said that Woodstock is the vital hub for art and music of the world. We did not feel it at first as we entered the little, but welcoming village, but as we managed to blend in, we understood why it boasts of such an honorable title. If you are planning to visit this place, make sure to cover these places which we did:

  • Overlook Mountain

This magnificent mountain is the center of attraction, it looks over the Wild forest, and it is also home to one of the remaining Catskill Mountain fire towers. These towers were initially built to control the forest fires, but then they fell into disuse, and much later was opened to the public as a sightseeing attraction.

It is located in the center of the Catskill Mountains situated at an elevation from Woodstock. We found the much-needed respite from mental ordeals as we reached this place. Our experience was filled with learning about various Tibetan arts and practices, and we retreated into the lap of Buddhism. We recommend checking out the programs for visitors offered there before you decide to visit.

  • Shawangunk Mountains

It is a set of bedrocks that begins from the New Jersey’s tip all the way up to the Catskill Mountains. It is one of the most popular venues if you are an adventure sports enthusiast that is an adventurer or a hiker. Initially, this place was mainly employed for mining and rigging.

The list of the most popular places is just endless. Apart from these, you can also shop like how we did in the Saturday Market of Mower, or you can chill away in the Cucina Woodstock, the farmhouse owned by famous Italian Chefs.

Due to its proximity to the central city of NY, it is not a difficult option to pick transportation to Woodstock. Make sure to reach the place early and try to explore as much as you can every day because this place has endless stuff to offer.